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DR-05 - 96k/24-bit Portable Stereo Recorder | Great Sound Quality at a Size and Price That Anyone Can Handle
DR-40 - Handheld 4-track Recorder | XLR Mic Inputs Combine with Built-In Mics for Dynamic Studio and Live Recording
DR-100mkIII - Studio quality Handheld Digital Recorder capable of 192kHz/24bit recording | A revolution in high resolution portable recording
DR-22WL - Portable Handheld Recorder with Wi-Fi | An Easy-To-Use Portable Recorder with All New Mics and Breakthrough WiFi Technology
DR-44WL - Portable Handheld Recorder with Wi-Fi | Groundbreaking Four-Track Recorder with Stereo Mics, XLR Mic Inputs and WiFi
TASCAM DR CONTROL - Remote control app | Control the Linear PCM recorder DR-22WL/DR-44WL via Wi-Fi with this remote control app.
DR-10L - Capture audio where it happens | No cables, no wireless, no worries
DR-10SG - Camera-mountable audio recorder with shotgun microphone | Capture audio that sounds as good as your image looks
DR-10X - Micro Linear PCM Recorder | Connects directly to ENG microphones
DR-10C Series - Micro Linear PCM Recorder | Attention : These models are not available in the US.
Record lavaliere microphones with this body pack, with support for various models

DR-701D - 6-track Recorder for Video Production | HDMI Sync and SMPTE Timecode generator make this the Ultimate System for Compact, Pro Production
DR-70D - Four-track PCM Recorder for DSLR Video Production | Four XLR inputs and a Stereo Microphone for Versatile Audio Production
AK-DR70C - Accessory Pack | Accessory Pack for DR-70D
DR-60DMKII - 4-track Recorder/Mixer for Production Audio | Portable Digital Audio Recorder Designed for DSLR Filmmakers
AK-DR11G MKII/AK-DR11C - Accessory | Handheld DR-Series Recording Accessory Package
RC-10 - Wired Remote for DR-40 | Wired Remote for DR-40