For more than 30 years, TASCAM has developed products for every segment of the sound and music industry. From the high-end audio professional in a major post-production studio to the novice or hobbyist at home, TASCAM is everywhere. We are a company committed to providing our customers audio/video solutions that enable breakthroughs by using sound in ways that are as exciting as they are accessible. In short, we provide tools that let people translate their creativity into reality.

After virtually creating the home recording scene during the early 1970s, TASCAM went on to achieve recognition for pioneering products in the professional recording arena as well. Our legacy of product development and innovation is reflected in the sheer number of industry firsts we've achieved, including:

  • the first 1/2-inch multitrack recorder (Series 70)
  • the first 4-track cassette recorder (144)
  • the first 1/4" 8-track, reel-to-reel/mixer combo (388)
  • the first 24-bit R-DAT recorder (DA-45HR)
  • the first MiniDisc digital multitracker (564)

As evidenced by the awards and professional recognition we've received, TASCAM products are clearly in a class by themselves. Our MMR-8 digital audio dubber for the motion picture industry won an Oscar® at the Scientific and Technical Academy Awards in 2001 - based largely on its contribution to the Dolby Surround EX final mix for "The Lord of the Rings." TASCAM also won Emmy Awards in 1995 (for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development for the TASCAM DA-88 Digital Multitrack Recorder) and 2000 (for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development for the MMR-8 and MMP-16).

Company History
TASCAM is one of four divisions of TEAC Corporation, a $1.2 billion manufacturing company headquartered in Japan. Since its founding in 1953, other divisions of TEAC have evolved into high-tech leaders in data storage devices, consumer electronics tools and industrial products, but TASCAM has remained dedicated to making innovative products for capturing creativity in the field of music and audio.

During the formative years in the early '70s, the music scene was flourishing. Musicians who wanted to showcase their talents and abilities to the recording industry needed a cost effective means to record their music. However, most musicians could afford neither the expense of recording in a professional recording studio nor the asking price of professional recording equipment. Realizing the dilemma facing these musicians, TASCAM adopted a philosophy of manufacturing recording equipment that offered the uncompromising quality and durability of professional studio equipment while remaining affordable to the masses.

Looking Forward
As TASCAM enters its fourth decade in the music industry, we plan to make our future closely mirror our history. It's about dedication. We will continue our commitment to provide our long time customers with the technology they need to Make It Happen, and we will seek to build trust with new loyal followers, too. Our collective ear will be kept to the ground so we can discover what musicians and industry professionals need - and then we'll bring it to them. That's the TASCAM way.

Socially Responsible Conflict-free Sourcing Statement

TASCAM joins leading companies in the electronics industry in supporting the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct, the Electronic Industry Citizenship (EICC), Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) and provisions to address conflict materials contained in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010.  Due to the complexities of the mineral supply chain, we are currently unable to verify the origins of minerals that are used in our products.

TASCAM commits to:

  1. As we become aware of compromised minerals, we will work with our suppliers to improve supply chain sources.
  2. Promote and encourage our supplies to use conflict-free minerals.