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BO-32DE - 32 Channel Euroblock to D-Sub Input Adaptor for Professional Installations



The TASCAM BO-32DE is a rugged, rackmounted audio adaptor designed for professional installation. 32 front-panel Eruoblock connectors are internally bridged to four D-Sub output connectors on the rear panel, providing fast and easy I/O and interconnectivity between CD players, Digital Audio players, Mic Preams, Zone Mixers, Distribution Amplifiers Audio over IP Convertors and more.

The ideal I/O solution for the TASCAM ML-16D and ML-32D:

Designed as companion pieces for the TASCAM ML-16D and ML-32D Analog to Dante convertors, The TASCAM BO-32DE provides an elegant communication link between your Analog and Digital subsystems.


Flexible mounting options


Rotating orientation

The TASCAM BO-32DE has been designed to mount in either of two 180 degree rotations to simplify cabling runs and avoid unneccessary twisting of D-Sub connector cables within the rack.

Reversible rack ears

For enhanced flexability in rack design, the rack ears of the BO-32DE can be repositioned to face "foward" or "backward" so that either the Euroblock or D-Sub connectors are front facing.


  • Ÿ  16 front-panel Euroblock I/O connectors
  •   32 channels of I/O
  • Ÿ  Four rear-panel D-Sub input and output connectors
  • Ÿ  Multiple rackmounting options

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