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DA-3000 - High Definition Audio Master Recorder

DA-3000 FAQS


How do I put the DA-3000 in Converter Mode to use with my DAW? 

  • Press MENU three times
  • Select ADDA Direct with the Multi Jog knob
  • Press the Multi Jog knob to select and turn that on

I'm trying to record digital audio into the DA-3000. But as soon as I change the clock source, the unit says "Clock lost, switching to internal." 

There are a few possible causes for this. First make sure that the DA-3000 is in the correct sample rate as the digital input is receiving in the "Rec File" menu. However that is the sample rate that new audio will be recorded with – the unit may currently be in a different sample rate. 

For example: Play a 48k file from the card, set the new sample rate to 88.2k in the menu, then change the clock source to Digital In or Word Clock. The unit is still in 48k mode, so you will see the clocking error message. If you press the home button then press record, the unit should switch to the new sample rate. 

If that doesn't work, check the audio on the transmission side. For example, an older A/D converter may be set for "bit splitting mode" over two outputs, instead of "double speed" mode that the DA-3000 expects.  

My DA-3000 is at version 1.00. I am trying to update it to the latest version from my SD Card, but it isn't working. 

The first version of the DA-3000 can only be updated using a Compact Flash card. Please put the latest firmware on a CF card and update from that. After version 1.01, an SD card can be used.  

Is it possible to punch in and out when using several DA-3000s in Cascade mode? 

No, this feature isn't supported. You can't connect several DA-3000s and use them like a multitrack tape deck. You can start recording or playback on all of them at the same time. This gives you files that all start at the same time. 

Is it possible to use a USB hard drive with the DA-3000? 

A USB hard drive is not supported, but may work if:

  • It has a seperate power supply (not buss powered)
  • It is formatted FAT32

USB can be used for playback only, you can't record to a USB device. You can record on one fo the card slots and then transfer that to the USB flash drive. 

Why does the DA-3000 ask me to reformat my USB drive when I plug it in?  

The DA-3000 can reformat a USB drive for better playback performance. You can use a USB flash drive as-is, but at higher sampling rates the media may not be able to play back fast enough and playback may stop.