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DA-302 - Dual Well DAT Recorder

This model has been discontinued.


The DA-302 is the world's only dual DAT recorder, bringing the convenience of a dual cassette deck to the DAT format.

The main advantages to the DA-302 are in DAT duplication, long play/record applications, or live production with multiple sources.

The DA-302 can duplicate DATs at 2X, offering tremendous time savings when making back-ups, or distribution copies. Time code and 24 bit DATs can be duplicated at 1x, offering a substantial savings over purchasing two time code DATs or two 24 bit DAT recorders.

For long play or long record applications, multiple DA-302s can be linked. This allows each well to engage sequentially for automated playback or recording.

Also, each DAT in the DA-302 can act independently, allowing one source to play, and another to record. This is ideal for use in shows, allowing one DAT to play back sound cues while the other records the show. Or, both DATs can be used in playback simultaneously for feeding independent sources to two different zones, or even for overlaying cues.

The DA-302 offers unbalanced RCA analog I/O. The input is common, but the outputs are separate. Independent digital in and out are provided on digital coax ports that can output SPDIF or AES/EBU signals. If balanced ports are desired, the optional LA-D302 will offer XLR balanced ports for the analog in and independent outs.

The RC-D302 wired remote is included with the DA-302.