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DP-24 - 24-track digital Portastudio

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the DP-24SD.


The DP-24 is the successor of the 2488neo,
TASCAM's best selling PORTASTUDIO.

The TASCAM DIGITAL PORTASTUDIO DP-24 and DP-32 are the best and most affordable way to remove the mind-numbing glow of the computer screen from personal recording. It's safe to say, that after decades of manufacturing and transforming Portastudios, TASCAM has revolutionized the series once again. Employing 8 combo 1/4" - XLR inputs with +48V Phantom Power, 24 tracks (12 mono, 6 stereo) of the DP-24 or 32 tracks (8 mono, 12 stereo) of the DP-32 the ability to select between stereo and mono and an affluence of other key features, TASCAM DIGITAL PORTASTUDIO DP-24 and DP-32 are the obvious choice for multi-channel home recording.



Recording Sample


Furusato/ Risa Aikawa
In Japan, one CD has been selling at the street, which recorded and mixed by the DP-32.
If you want to know details of this recording, please see the interview of Yasushi Yamaguchi who was working of this song.

Official Website :
*"Furusato" means "home town"
*TEAC Co. got the permission from her promoter for using this song on our website.


Main Features


Dedicated the DP-32 features


The last 12 faders are selectable between MONO and STEREO
The DP-32 has 12 selectable tracks between MONO or STEREO. These tracks provide more flexibility. For example, set to STEREO for recording synthesizer, or set to MONO when recording guitar or vocal. Not only that, you can create ideal settings for each track. (set #9 to #12 STEREO, then set #13 to #22 MONO) If all tracks are set to MONO the DP-32 becomes a 20-track multi track recorder.


The DP-24/32 provides a non-stress musical experience


19(DP-24)/21(DP-32) faders eliminates layer structuring
The DP-24/32, even with the high number of tracks and features is one of the easiest multi-track recorders in the market to use. The DP-24 has 19 track-faders and one master-fader, The DP-32 has 20 track-faders and one master fader. You can control any track with ease.


The 3.5" full-color LCD and the self-illuminated buttons increase visibility
The DP-24/32 have a 3.5" LCD screen and select self-illuminated buttons, making it easy to view your entire creative process. Some of the illuminated buttons include (SOURCE, SELECT, REC, MUTE).
12 rotary knobs linked to the LCD to help increase easy operation
The DP-24/32 have similarly employed rotary knobs to control qualities such as EQ, Effect Send and other related features.
Utilizing SD/SDHC media ensures confident recording, free from shock due to loud sounds
The DP-24/32 adopted use of SD/SDHC media. SD/SDHC cards provide secure shock resistance due to the absence of any rotary mechanism. File format of the DP-24/32 is FAT 16 or 32. You can find the recorded files on your computer when connected via USB.


Built-in CD-R/RW drive for Project Mastering and Finalizing


Mounted TMSS ensures high-quality sampling rate conversion
The DP-32 can burn CD-R from 48kHz project with a dedicated SRC, TMSS (TASCAM Multi Stage Sampling rate converter). TASCAM performed many listening tests to certify the unit is capable of producing the highest quality sound. The DP-32 is capable of producing sound clearer than that of a computer.
8 XLR/TRS inputs, 8 channel recording, 24/32 tracks playback
Both units have 8 XLR-TRS combo inputs. You can record up to eight sources at one time.
INPUT A-H and each track are equipped with 3-band EQ
The equalizer for each track and each input are independent from other effects. Record like any professional studio with EQ for each individual track.
8 dynamics effects, guitar effects and mix-down effects
Use up to 8 dynamics effects at once, one for each input source. For example, utilize the built-in compressor effect for your bass, guitar and drums tracks. Along with that, the DP-24/32 have multiple guitar and mixing effects.

CD-R writing without the need for other devices
The DP-24/32 are both equipped with a CD-R/RW drive and mastering effects for CD-R burning. TASCAM guarantees that there is no need for computers when recording with either of these units. The mastering effects section obtains Multi-Band Compressor, EQ, Noise-Shaping Dither, and a Normalize Effects. You can create a high-quality 2-track master file and burn to CD-R.


High-quality and dependable hardware structure


The headphone amplifier has a high output power of 70mW/ch
The headphone amplifier of the DP-24/32 provide easy monitoring in loud environments such as a rehearsal studios or live scenario.
RCA stereo output and two unbalanced 1/4" TS outputs
High-impedance input available on INPUT H when set to GUITAR
Phantom power supply for all inputs
Dedicated TRS balanced MONITOR OUT for the powered speakers

MIDI IN/OUT for sending of any MTC/MMC signal
Remote connector for optional RC-3F footswitch
Function Description
PLAY Same as unit's PLAY button
REC Same as unit's RECORD button
STOP Same as unit's STOP button
FF Same as unit's F FWD(TO LAST REC) button
REW Same as unit's REW(TO ZERO) button
PUNCH IN / OUT Punches in when pressed during playback,
punches out when pressed during recording.
PLAY/STOP Starts playback when stopped, stops in other states.
CUE LOCATE Locates last point where playback started.


Features at-a-glance

  • Simultaneous 24 track (DP-24) or 32 track (DP-32) playback
  • 8 mono tracks + 12 mono/stereo selectable tracks (DP-32)
  • 12 mono tracks + 6 stereo tracks (DP-24)
  • Mounted TMSS (TASCAM Multi Stage Sampling rate converter) provides high-quality sampling rate conversion
  • Integrated 32/40-input mixer to mixdown the 24/32 playback tracks with the 8 inputs and for bouncing
  • Simultaneous 8 track recording
  • 16 or 24 bit, 44.1 or 48 kHz recording
  • 8 XLR/TRS combo connectors
  • Phantom power supply for all inputs
  • High-impedance input available (INPUT-H)
  • Stereo RCA pin-jack output
  • 2 effect send outputs (1/4" TS jack)
  • 70mW/ch headphone amplifier
  • Peak-hold function at a level meter of the LCD
  • Sub-frame editing
  • MIDI IN/OUT for sending MTC/MMC signal
  • Remote connector for optional RC-3F footswitch
  • CD-R/RW drive to burn stereo master file or recorded tracks and also to import CD-DA
  • INPUT A-H and each track are equipped with 3-band EQ
  • Automatic punch in/out
  • Undo and Redo function with Undo history
  • 8 dynamics effects
  • Guitar effects
  • Mix-down effects
  • Mastering Effects
  • Track bounce function
  • Virtual track (8 virtual track per one track)
  • Locate mark up to 99 at one song
  • File transferring via USB2.0
  • Chromatic tuner
  • Metronome
  • Dedicated AC adapter included(TASCAM PS-1225L)

Dedicated the DP-32 features

  • 8 mono and 12 mono/stereo selectable tracks
  • 21 faders (19 track-faders and one master fader)


Foot Switch