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DR-22WL - Portable Handheld Recorder with Wi-Fi



I'm having problems connecting to the DR-44WL or DR-22WL with my Android device, are there any settings to improve this? 

Some (not all) Android devices have a setting called "Avoid No Internet Connections." This is found in the Wi-Fi settings under Advanced. It tells the device not to "use a Wi-Fi network unless it has an Internet connection." Uncheck this box. 

"The screen says "ERROR Product" when I try to update the firmware"

There are 2 update files used for the DR-44WL (and DR-22WL), system and Wi-Fi.  

To update the System, press MENU and >>  while powering on to go into PROGRAM UPDATE mode.

To update the Wi-Fi, press 4 and >> while powering on to go into Wi-Fi F/W UPDATE mode.  

The list of available files will show both system and WiFi files, so choosing the wrong one for the current update mode results in the "ERROR Product" message.

I get an error message when trying to update the firmware.

You need to "unzip" the files that you download, ending in ".zip" These files are compressed by the server to make your download times as quick as possible. 

On Mac OSX, double-click the file to expand it.

On Windows OS, right-click the file and "Extract All." 

How do I know if Wi-Fi is working? 

The DR-44WL has a blue LED that shows the Wi-Fi status. Here are the possible mesages from the LED:

  • OFF -> No WiFi active.
  • Blinking continuously -> WiFi active, but no control app connected.
  • Solid ON -> WiFi active and connected to a control app.
  • Brief blink -> connected, command received.

Note that the DR-44WL will shut down its WiFi when the battery level gets low, to maximize the remaining record time.