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DR-2d - Portable Solid State Recorder

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the DR-22WL.


TASCAM's DR-2d Portable Digital Recorder brings high-resolution recording to a compact, affordable package. It offers up to 96kHz/24-bit WAV or MP3 recording to SD cards, and recordings can be transferred to computer through high-speed USB 2.0. 

DR-2d dual recording avoids clipping by recording a backup

A new dual recording feature records a copy of your audio at a lower level, or a second pair of inputs for four-track recording. Unique to the DR-2d, Dual Recording ensures that if the level suddenly jumps you have a backup instead of a distorted performance. Three modes are provided: 

  • Dual Recording records a second copy of your performance up to -12dB lower. If the first recording gets distorted you'll have a copy that isn't distorted. This is in addition to the analog limiting and low cut filter on the input which also prevent distortion
  • Line mode records also two stereo files – the built-in mics plus the line input. This is perfect for live recording: record the board mix to the line input as well as the built-in mics for the sound of the room. The two stereo files allow you to treat and mix these together after the event in your DAW software. 
  • Mix mode is similar to Line mode, only the two sets of inputs are mixed to one stereo file inside the DR-2d. This is the one to use when you don't want to do any mixing later on. 

Record using the new built-in condenser microphones or plug in your own. You can slow down recordings without changing the pitch, and there's even a metronome and built-in speaker. The DR-2d provides hours of recording time using a pair of AA batteries. making it the perfect partner for songwriting, live performance, rehearsal or home studio recording. The DR-2d is also available in white

Check out the DR-100 if you want XLR mic ins, dual battery power, two sets of microphones and much more.

Now available, the CS-DR2 case and WS-DR2 windscreen prepare your DR-2d for the road!

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