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FireOne - FireWire Audio Interface with shortcut keys and a weighted & illuminated jog wheel

This model has been discontinued.



Where can I find drivers for my current operating system? 

The status of the FireOne, regarding PC OS compatibility, is posted here. (PDF link) 

Driver development for the discontinued FireOne ended with Vista (32 bit) and Mac OS X Leopard. Those can be found here

My FireOne stopped working, is there a driver update coming? 

We're aware that changes made by Apple to 10.4.10 have caused the FireOne to be inoperative with that OS.  As a class compliant device, the drivers for the FireOne are built into the operating system, provided by Apple.  Investigation is under way to discover what changes occurred in 10.4.10 that has affected the FireOne and whether a fix would have to come from Apple as an OS patch, or if a fix could be implemented in the FireOne's firmware.