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I have my mic or guitar plugged into Garage Band but I don't hear anything. I see the green light turning on by the input jack icon, why isn't anything playing through the headphones?

Garage Band has input monitoring switched off by default. Press the button that looks like a guitar cable jack (it doesn't look like a button but it is.) Turn on the "Monitor" switch and you should hear your signal. 

When the iXZ is used with an iPad multi-track app, occasionally the audio being played back during an overdub "leaks" into the input audio being recording. How can I keep this from happening?

When the playback volume of the recorded track is very high, "crosstalk" can occur. This has nothing to do with the iXZ itself but with the wiring of the iPad's headphone circuitry. The only workaround is to set the lowest possible playback volume needed to perform the overdub successfully.

The mic input is not working with my microphone, how do? 

You must use the XLR jack when the iXZ is in microphone mode. You can not plug into the 1/4" plug with a mic signal. If your microphone only has a 1/4" output, you need to use an adapter cable with the iXZ. 

I upgraded the PCM Recorder app to version 1.0.3, and it no longer works on my Apple device. 

PCM Recorder version 1.0.3 requires iOS6 or later.