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MD-350 - Advanced MiniDisc Recorder

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the MD-CD1MKIII.


The new MD-350 is the latest addition to TASCAM's line, offering an affordable MD with advanced performance functions. The MD-350 is the best value for live venues, houses of worship, or budget conscious broadcasters.

The MD-350 incorporates the latest advancements in MD technology. The latest ATRAC encoding scheme (version 3) is implemented, offering new long play versions with up to 320 minutes of record time on a standard 80 minute MiniDisc. A front panel PS/2 keyboard port allows intuitive control over editing the MiniDisc's TOC (Table Of Contents) and naming tracks.

A complete host of audio I/O makes integrating the MD-350 into any system easy. Balanced and unbalanced analog ports are available, as well as digital optical ports. A front panel optical port can be used to connect portable players digitally without crawling behind the machine rack.

Pitch control function is available on the MD-350, with a clear on/off switch on the front panel. Plus, a few cueing functions have been added, making sound cues easier for live situations:

- Auto Cue positions the machine to the first audio in a MD track, rather than the actual ID location. This eliminates dead space in the beginning of the track, allowing tighter cues for live shows or on-air environments.

- Auto Ready pauses the machine at each track ID. This is ideal for live environments, allowing the engineer to cue in one track and forget about the machine - it automatically sets itself at the next cue. This is ideal since this also prevents the machine from accidentally rolling into the next cue on the MD.

The RC-32 wireless remote is included with the MD-350.