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ML-32D - Bidirectional 32 Channel Dante to Analog Convertor



The TASCAM ML-32D is a professional Dante-focused converter made specifically to insert or extract analog audio into or out of a Dante (Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet) network using external breakout devices that utilize Sub-D format connectors.

A powerful and flexible solution, the TASCAM ML-32D has 4 D-Sub inputs and 4 D-Sub outputs, which can easily be connected to any of the many devices that utilize D-Sub connectors such as microphone preamplifiers, large and small format console mixers, audio interfaces, amplifiers, and euro block connector devices. This simple, yet elegant, solution enables audio to be quickly and easily inserted into - or extracted from - the Dante audio stream.

About Dante:

The Dante protocol was developed to provide uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio over a standard Ethernet network aupporting as many as 1024 channels of 32b bit/192kHz audio over an existing CAT 5/6 Ethernet system.

Since inception, Dante has seen steady adoption by a growing number of systems integrators, especially those specializing in AVB (Audio Video Bridging). In addition, Dante continues to gain a foothold in the live sound arena, with hundreds of hardware products from various manufacturers supporting this innovative communications protocol. These live sound applications include: House of Worship (HOW), institutional installations, theaters, audio for stadiums and other public facilities and broadcast.

The TASCAM ML-32D makes it possible to transmit 32-channel analog line input/output signals


Primary and Secondary network connections redundancy and security

Primary and secondary connectors enable building a redundant system with a duplex network. Should the primary network route fails the ML-32D automatically switches to the secondary network route. This highly secure system prevents interruption and introduces no noise during the switch.

Flexible routing to connected Dante-compatible devices

Dante Controller

The TASCAM ML-16D uses Dante Controller to configure the main unit and to connect to other Dante-compatible devices. Dante Controller enables flexible routing configuration to other Dante-compatible devices.

About Dante Controller
Dante Controller is a free software application released by Audinate and is available here:

Integrated Signal/Overload indicator

The front panel is equipped with a signal/overload indicator that enables monitoring of analog input/output signals. The signal indicator turns on when a signal level becomes lower than -60dBFs.

5 selectable reference levels which can accommodate to a variety of scenes

The TASCAM ML-32D features selectable reference level setting from 5 maximum level options: +24dBu, +22dBu, +20dBu, and +18dBu (the standard level is +4dBu) and +15dBu (the standard level is +6dBu), which can accommodate to a variety of purposes including professional use in broadcasting studios, public address systems and recording environments..


  • Ÿ  Dante focused interface for connection of external audio into or out of a Dante audio network
  • Ÿ  32 channel analog line input and 32 analog line outputs (48kHz/96kHz) using 8 D-Sub connectors
  • Ÿ  Dual redundant Ethernet jacks which support both primary and secondary connections
  • Ÿ  Up to 24 bit/96kHz quality
  • Ÿ  LED display for signal level and overload per input/output channel
  • Ÿ  Reference level dip switches for selectable DBu level metering
  • Ÿ  Firmware updatable via Dante port
  • Ÿ  AES67 and Ravenna compatible

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