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Portastudio - Four-track Portastudio Recorder for Apple iPad

This model has been discontinued.



Does the Portastudio app support audio interfaces plugged into the iPad?

The iPad does work with a few class-compliant audio interfaces through the Apple Camera Connection Kit. (No TASCAM interfaces work this way.) Since Apple doesn't officially support this feature, we can't officially support it either. However, some testers have gotten it to work. 

Can I bounce tracks in Portastudio?

Sorry, no. 

Can I export the raw tracks recorded in the app? 

No you can't. If you need to save the performance of a lifetime, record a mix with only that track playing and the rest of the tracks levels all the way down. 

Where is the microphone on my iPad?


It's the tiny hole located next to the headphone jack. You can use the microphone while you have headphones plugged in, as long as they don't have a headset microphone (three-connector headphone plug).


Will there be an iPhone version of Portastudio? Android version? Windows Phone? Etc?

We don't have any plans for those at this time. 

What is the red bar I sometimes see on the top of the screen while Portastudio is running in the background? (iOS version 4.2 and later)

This is a security setting on the iPad. It means that some application is running that has access to the built-in microphone. You can ignore this.