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RC-HS32PD - Remote Control Unit for HS-4000/HS-2000

This model has been discontinued.


Remote Control Unit for HS-4000/HS-2000

Main Features

Lightweight and compact flash starting system
Most of the flash starting systems that have been used until now have been large, so when it has been necessary to move them between studios, the work of transferring them has been extremely difficult. In contrast, a flash starting system composed of our HS-4000 and RC-HS32PD units is extremely compact, making it a worry-free choice for use in environments where portability is necessary.
Efficient flash start operation with 2x2 playback
In situations where the use of two players and a controller are necessary, a setup composed of HS-4000 and RC-HS32PD one pair is extremely efficient, particularly in terms of space, cost and operability. This setup realizes efficient operation in a variety of situations, including when you need to alternate between two sets of background music, you need to flash start effects sounds while playing background music or you need to flash start different effect sounds at the same time.
Flash start keys can display file names making them easy for anyone to use
Each RC-HS32PD flash start key has a built-in 64x64 dot matrix LCD. Since they can show file names, flash starting is as “pressing the file name.”
Faders support fader-starting and have locks at 0dB
In addition to flash start keys, the RC-HS32PD has a pair of 100mm faders that support fader-starting as a form of transmission control. These enable complete 2x2 operation (with one HS-4000 functioning as two players). These faders also have physical 0dB locking mechanism.
Touch-sensitive TFT color displays enable intuitive operation
The graphical user interface shared by the HS-series enables intuitive and straightforward operation. The menus are sinple with only one level and you can return to the Home Screen with one touch when you complete making a setting. These units enable stress-free operation.
Built-in monitor speaker enable quick confirmations
You can monitor audio even if the RC-HS32PD is located far away from the main unit or console. In addition to monitoring with headphones, these units have built-in speakers, so you can quickly monitor whenever you need to check something.
High-durability knobs use metal even in their stems
An aluminum materials is used in the DATA knob to prevent breaking and the reduction of operaility due to deterioration. It also makes helpful feedback "clicks" during operation.
Adopted aluminum side-panels for High-durability
The RC-HS32PD adopted two aluminum side-panels for both side. These side-panels provide high-durability from crashing when moving these units.