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SS-CDR1 - Solid State Recorder for Installed Systems

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the SS-CDR200.


The TASCAM SS-CDR1 combines Compact Flash and Compact Disc recording into a single rackspace. Designed for applications that previously used cassette or MiniDisc recorder, the SS-CDR1 records in WAV or MP3 format to Compact Flash media. A slot-loading CD transport provides CD recording, MP3 conversion and audio transfer. The recorder includes balanced and unbalanced audio inputs and outputs, RS-232 and parallel control and a wired remote control.

RC-SS20TASCAM's RC-SS20 is a remote control designed for the SS-R1, SS-CDR1 and HD-R1 recorders. Twenty illuminated buttons provide instant access to tracks on the solid state recorders.

Also available are the SS-R1 for Compact Flash recording without the CD and the HD-R1, which replaces the CD drive with Ethernet protocol and microphone inputs.