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SS-R200 - Solid State Recorder

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the SS-R250N.


Compatible with SD / CF cards and USB memory recording / playback, combining high durability with excellent operability.




Main Features

1U rack mount size allows for effective use of space
Compact 1U rack mount size CD player with a convenient button layout that makes it easy to use. Designed so that it can be installed in limited rackspace without sacrificing usability.
In addition to highly reliable CF cards, it is also possible to record to and play back from SD/SDHC cards and USB memory
In addition to CF cards, which are used by broadcast stations, it is also compatible with SD/SDHC cards and USB memory. Recording is also possible in addition to playback. This provides excellent versatility at locations where it may be necessary to use different media formats.
Flash start function for sound source playback with zero time lag, which is ideal for theatrical performances, etc.
The flash start function allows for sound source playback without any time lag by storing the data to memory in advance. By using the optional RC-20 remote control, it is possible to perform flash start for up to 20 tracks. This is useful for theatrical performances and weddings, or for broadcasting systems at public facilities.
Many functions based on customer feedback
Functions that were requested from sites where conventional recording/playback equipment is used have been researched and added.
  • Link function
  • Jog search function
  • Compatible with USB keyboards (Transport operation possible)
  • 24bit wav file playback
  • Compatible with AES/EBU format digital input/output
  • Panel lock function for preventing accidental operation

Hardware compatible with various audio equipment

Professional equipment, so various audio input/output connectors and external control terminals are available
RCA connectors are used for analog input/output, which is convenient for consumer devices. In addition, the SS-CDR200 and SS-R200 also have XLR connectors for connecting professional equipment. The RCA connectors can also be used as COAXIAL inputs/outputs for digital input/output. In addition to S/PDIF (IEC60958-3), digital input/output is also available in AES/EBU format (IEC60958-4).

The SS-CDR200 and SS-R200 also have serial control connectors, which are essential for installing with professional audio systems. In addition to a D-sub 9-pin RS-232C serial port, there is also a D-sub 25-pin parallel port.
Sampling converter for digital input
A sampling rate converter for digital inputs of 32-48kHz is used, so it is easy to connect without having to worry about the word clock master. This is helpful for usage with other equipment.
Display and editing is possible in frames units up to 1 second
When using jog playback or performing editing such as dividing files, tracks can be displayed in sub-second frame units. It is possible to perform editing and confirmation with the same precision as with conventional high-end MD recorders.
It is possible to edit files, operate the transport, and perform flash start by connecting a keyboard
Various operations can be performed by connecting a computer keyboard to the KEYBOARD connector or USB connector. In addition to editing file names, it is possible to perform other operations including remote control operations such as [opening the MENU screen], and operating functions such as [turning the panel lock function ON/OFF] and [turning the call function ON/OFF], as well as performing other operations such as [selecting the input source]. You can also have up to 12 tracks of flash start available by using keyboard Function keys (F1-F12) + CTRL.

* For details about the control contents, refer to the Owner's Manual.
Link playback function for synchronizing up to six SS-CDR200/SS-R200/SS-R100 units
There is a link playback function for linking operation of the SS-CDR200/SS-R200/SS-R100 by connecting the digital OUT and digital IN connections. This is convenient when you want to use the same sound source for playback and as a backup for another unit.

* This is not a clock synchronization function, so there may be some slight delay.

Flexible software compatible with various usages

Record and play back WAV and MP3 files
It is possible to record WAV (Linear PCM) and MP3 files using CF/SD/SDHC cards and USB memory. It is also possible to play back WAV/MP3 files, including 24bit WAV files. With the SS-CDR200, it is possible to record in MP3 or audio CD format.

* It is not possible to directly record WAV files to CD-R/CD-RW discs, but file copying is possible.
+/-16% pitch control using the independent pitch control knob
It is possible to adjust the pitch control in steps of 0.1% using the dedicated PITCH knob. The pitch control function allows you adjust the playback speed and pitch the same as with cassette tape pitch control.
+/-6 semitone key control function (in semitone steps)
Key control playback is possible using SHIFT+PITCH knob. With key control playback, it is possible to change the pitch without changing the playback speed, and to control the pitch in +/-6 semitones.
Auto Cue function (-24 to -72dB, in 6dB intervals) and Auto Ready function
Professional player equipped with standard auto-cue and auto-ready functions.
The Auto Cue function automatically detects when sound starts and pauses at that point. This function is good for cuing sound sources at theaters and PA/SR sites. The detection level can be set from -72 to -24dB. (in 6dB intervals)
Auto Ready is a function for automatically stopping at the beginning of the next track after the currently playing track finishes. This is convenient when you want to determine the playback timing for a sound source and when you only want to play one track from a sound source material in order to avoid accidentally playing the wrong track.
Auto Cue

Auto Ready
Power-on playback function for automatically starting playback when the power turns ON / Resume function that starts playback from the last stopping point
Power-on playback and resume functions are included, which are convenient for professional usages. The power-on playback function is a function that automatically starts playback when the power is turned ON. The resume function remembers the location where playback last stopped, and starts playback from that location when Play is pressed next time. It is possible turn these functions ON/OFF, and to use both functions together.
Panel lock function for preventing accidental operation
A panel lock function is available for preventing accidental operation during usage. Operation is no longer possible from the front panel or from the remote control. However, it is possible to operate using an optional remote control such as the RC-20, RC-3F, and RC-SS20, from the accessory RS-232C wired remote control, and from the parallel control connector.

Usage examples

Playback devices at public facilities
This is a perfect playback unit for installation in meeting rooms at public facilities such as schools and community centers. In this situation, external control via the RS-232C serial/parallel control connector for control equipment is convenient. The SS-CDR200 and SS-R200 are equipped with connectors. It is possible to configure a system that is linked with other audio/video equipment.
When used as hall BGM, it is convenient to use folder playback and program playback of files recorded in CF/SD cards. When the power-on playback function is used, usages such as starting playback when hall power is turned ON are possible.

If the flash start system is configured by connecting the RC-20, playback of routine sound sources such as start bells and announcements for leaving is possible. It is possible to play back fixed sound sources with less time lag than standby with MD media, etc. There is not rotating mechanism, so sound sources can be used frequently for a long time without trouble.
Playback system for event sites such as wedding halls
Sites where various sound sources may be used and where flexible response is needed. At such locations, it is possible to handle various sound sources by using this with other TASCAM devices. Recently, many users bring sound sources stored in USB memory, which is easy to use. The "SS-CDR200" is convenient because it can handle four different types of media.

Flash start playback is convenient by connecting the optional RC-20. For situations such as when you want BGM to start when a bride and groom enter a hall, or when effect sounds are written onto media, flash start playback allows for sound sources to be played back without time lag.
Recording and creating meeting minutes
The "SS-CDR200", "SS-R200", and "SS-R100" are ideal for recording meeting minutes where high reliability is required because solid-state media is used. They are resistant to vibration because there is no rotating mechanism, and the media capacity can be increased, allowing for long hours of recording according to the length of the meeting. Various remote controls are available, and accurate operation is possible because all are wired remote controls.  

With the "SS-CDR200", WAV and MP3 files can be made into CD-Rs, so it is possible to create CD-R discs immediately after recording finishes and hand it to the worker who will create meeting minutes. When creating meeting minutes, monitoring by headphones without connecting to external devices is also practical.  By connecting the optional RC-3F, it is possible to perform controls such as playback, stop, and skip back using your foot while performing work such as writing or typing on a computer.
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