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Track Pack T1 - 122L USB Interface/ TM-VT1 Microphone / HP-VT1 Headphones Bundle

This model has been discontinued. It has been replaced with the Track Pack X1.


Free your creativity with the Track Pack T1 from TASCAM. This package contains the components you need to turn your Mac or PC into a total production system for music, podcasting or production.

The US-122L is your computer's gateway into the audio world. More than just a soundcard, it has a pair of pro-quality microphone preamps for connecting any type of microphone. The phantom power switch supplies power for condenser microphones. The included MC-VT1 dynamic microphone is ideal for recording instruments like electric guitar, drum kits and rock vocals. The US-122L also has a line input, for recording powered devices like keyboards, drum machines and guitar amp modelers. You can even plug your guitar or bass directly into the US-122L. With two inputs, you can record two microphones or sources at once, monitoring with the included HP-VT1 headphones.

The Track Pack T1 also comes with Cubase LE4 software. This software gives you plenty of tracks - up to 48! - to put together a song arrangement, one track at a time. It's simple to use, and you can edit your tracks to fix timing and mistakes to put together a perfect take. Cubase LE4 has a professional-quality mixer built in with plug-in effects like reverbs, compressors, distortion, auto-pan and more. You can add more VST plug-ins later and there are more free and commercial VST plug-ins than any other format. Cubase LE4 supplies everything you need to record your music and turn it into a polished, professional CD.

Combining TASCAM'S 30 years of home recording experience with modern computer technology, the Track Pack T1 gives you everything you need to produce hit music on your computer.

Also available, the Track Pack T2

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