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UH-7000 - HDIA Mic Preamp/USB Audio Interface



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"The UH-7000 delivers the goods as either a top-quality Interface or a high-end dual mic preamp, and at it’s price point, it would be a good deal as either. But you get both functions for that modest price, and that’s really an exceptional deal. Couple that with Tascam’s long-time reputation for reliability and solid construction, and I’d say they have another winner on their hands."

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UH-7000 Review



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"TASCAM has hit a sweet spot with its UH-7000 — great converters, mic preamps that can play with the big boys without being sent home crying, and a price the working stiff can actually justify. For the singer/songwriter, DJ, location recordist, or in-the-box musician, the UH-7000 delivers a step up in sound quality from the usual fare. And with its digital I/O, you can integrate its premium mic preamps and converters with a multichannel interface that you already own."

UH-7000 Review

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Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound Award"Its high quality and ease of use will certainly make your recording life easier... We also recommend the UH-7000 for the Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound Award, based on its function, audio quality and pricing."

UH-7000 Review



User Reviews

IWAO (Iwao Yamaguchi)

First, the separate power source of "UH-7000" gives me a secure feeling. The transformer is important. Although there are various products that use bus power or power adapters, I worry whether I can record properly with those products. This may be unique to our generation. I think that amp-related products should be large and heavy! In that sense, "UH-7000" is a product that appeals to me because I love analog. The chassis of "UH-7000" is built solidly, has weight and is cool.

The tone quality is deep, solid, and tight. I have experience using various audio interfaces from lo-cost to expensive, so I know for sure that "UH-7000" produces the sound of higher-priced products. Its sound is high-class, solid, and tight. You can accurately record the 'thick' sounds of live music with the "UH-7000", and is suitable for any type of music. Also, you can clearly record the contours of a bass guitar. The recorded sound has a transparent quality, so post-processing afterwards is easy. The playback sound is tight. too. Also, it's like listening to sound that's right in front of you instead of a simple recorded track.


Koki Kosaki (Recording Engineer)

After taking the UH-7000 out of the box, I immediately noticed that it is very sturdy. I feel it is a reliable product that can also be used for recording outside of the studio.

First, I tried the UH-7000 by recording an acoustic guitar and a female vocalist, and my first impression was that the sound quality was very solid and natural. Since its Signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio is high and its gain can be increased enough, I was able to record the acoustic guitar (arpeggio play) without any concerns. For vocal use, I found the UH-7000 is suitable for female vocalists - or male vocalists whose voices generate several harmonic overtone components. UH-7000 offers a balanced sound from high to middle and low frequencies without over-processing. The middle frequencies have high density, and the high frequencies were very impressive and not harsh-sounding. Also, the meters of the UH-700 are very visible – which is important in a mic preamp. My specialty is recording pop music, and I have found that the UH-7000 works well in those applications.


Kentaroh Kikuchi, Tomoya Tachikawa, Christopher Hardy

Recently, we had an opportunity to sit down with sound engineer Kentaroh Kikuchi of CRESCENT STUDIO located in Tokyo Setagaya-Ku – along with composer, music producer, and bassist Tomoya Tachikawa, and percussionist Christopher Hardy. We asked them about the "DA-3000" and "UH-7000", which they have been using for recording.
The interviews were done at CRESENT STUDIO where they do recording sessions. We discussed sound quality and usability, while also doing some comparative listening.

TEAC: First of all, how have you been using the "DA-3000"?
Kentaroh: I'm using it as a master recorder for 5.6MHz DSD files.
I had already been using DSD-compatible recorders with sampling rates of 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz, but had always felt that there was a major difference in the sound quality due to the different environment when I brought a recording done at 2.8MHz into the mastering studio.
But when I used the "DA-3000", I didn't notice this difference. The sound seemed flat.


Akira Fukada (Recording Engineer)

Recording Engineer
Akira Fukada
dream window inc.

The first time I used the UH-7000 was during my audio evaluation of the product. We have tested various DAWs, and every software program - including ProTools11, which works fine with the UH-7000. The most essential features for me are the crystal-clear sound, dynamic range and better audio clarity I get from the UH-7000 when compared to other products. Also, it is the optimal audio tool to record anything in high-quality - piano, acoustic guitar, and any other acoustic instruments.

I usually use high resolution components such as a PCM192/24 and DSD5.6 for my recording project. However, the UH-7000 and DA-3000 allow me to record high-resolution tracks even without a PC, which has made my work a lot easier.
Of course, there is no need to bring your microphone pre-amplifiers, or any other audio interface hardware since the UH-7000 has an integrated DAW feature which provides efficiency and convenience for your recording projects.