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US-16x08 - USB Audio/MIDI Interface


Hirotaka Mori Live Recording

The TASCAM US-16x08, TASCAM X-48MK2, and the TASCAM DR-44WL were used on the multitrack recording of the DVD “Masayuki Muraishi meets Hirotaka Mori ‘LIVE ON PLANET EARTH’ ” DVD, which features the work of the widely popular singer-songwriter Hirotaka Mori.
On the day of the event, a monitor console was not used, so the monitor console lines were directly connected to three US-16x08 - used in mic-pre mode. The X-48MK2 had the IF-AN24X analog expansion card installed, and its connection to the US-16x08 was made using three TRS D-Sub multi-conductor cables. In order to utilize all the inputs used on the stage, a 24-channel recording was done.

The DR-44WL was used to record the ambient sound of the venue as a whole, and was placed at the front-of-house mix position. A boom stand was installed in the PA booth, and the DR-44WL was remote-controlled via Wi-Fi with level-monitoring active.
The post-recording mixing and mastering were both done using SONAR PLATINUM, using only the standard plug-ins and functions of SONAR PLATINUM. The mix recall function of SONAR PLATINUM was used, and distinct mixing was done for each song within this project. For effects, extensive use was made of the SONAR ProChannel effects features.
Note: Since this was a multi-angle DVD, the video data volume was large, and the audio was recorded in a compressed state.


Equipment Used

TASCAM SONAR PLATINUM Professional Software

Recording Venue


Recording Source

Masayuki Muraishi meets Hirotaka Mori “LIVE ON PLANET EARTH” Multi-angle Live DVD


Hirotaka Mori
Born March 9, 1976, Hirotaka Mori is a singer songwriter originally from Kagoshima Prefecture. He made his major debut with Warner Music Japan in October 2001. While there, he released six works - including the single “Zero Chiten” and the album “Coexisting Concepts.” Subsequently, he shifted to indies, releasing the album “planetblue” in 2009 and the album “Ii’n desu” in 2013. He is also actively involved in producing, arranging, and distributing music under the name Coa.

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Introduction of US-16x08 in the Home Studio of Masayuki Muraishi

Two US-16x08 interfaces have been introduced into the home studio of Masayuki Muraishi, a leading drummer in Japan. His studio is used for pre-production and recording of artists he produces. Mr. Muraishi also teaches drums in the studio and is working on a recording curriculum for his students. The US-16x08s were introduced to meet a demand for drum recording in the studio.