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US-20x20 - USB3.0 Audio MIDI Interface with Mic Pre/Mixer



My interface keeps switching itself off, is it broken?

Make sure that the "Auto Power Save" switch on the rear panel is set to off. It is set to on by default (for CE complience.) 

Occasionally, my software says that the US-20x20 is no longer connected. How do I fix this? 

Download and install firmware version 1.01 or later for your device from the downloads page

How do I get the US-20x20 to function at 192kHz sampling rate? 

To enable the US-20x20's 192kHz mode: 

  1. Open the Audio/MIDI Setup app inside your Applications/Utilities folder.
  2. Select the US-20x20 in the list on the left side of the window. 
  3. Make sure that the Input tab is selected. Click on the menu that says "20ch-24bit Integer" and change it to "12ch-24bit Integer"

    12ch screen
  4. Select the "Output" tab and repeat the above step. 
  5. Open your DAW software. You should have 192kHz as an option. 

Note that the limitation of 12-channels at 192kHz is because the ADAT Optical format is limited in that way. It functions as 8-channel in 48kHz, 4-channel at 96kHz, or 2-channel at 192kHz. 

I'm using OSX Mountain Lion (10.8) and the mixer panel is not working correctly, how do I fix this? 

This is fixed in settings panel version 1.01 or later. It's a free update on the downloads page. 

I want to use external clocking on the US-20x20 in mic preamp mode, how do I set this up? 

You need to connect the US-20x20 to a computer to set clocking, sample rate, and other settings – even in mic preamp mode. Open the US-20x20 Settings Panel application to change this. 

I plugged in my interface using the USB3 cable and I don't hear any audio? 

On Windows, USB 3 is only supported in Windows 10 or later. On the Mac, USB 3 is supported in OSX 10.11 El Capitan or later. Please note that there is no reduced feature set when working in USB 2 mode, including channel count and latency.