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US-4x4 - USB Audio/MIDI Interface



I see that the US-16x08 recommends that I change the Windows Power Management settings. How do I do this? 

Windows allows the processor to throttle to half speed when the computer is idle. However, this can affect the performance of DAW recording software. TASCAM recommends that this function be disabled, especially when using a multi-channel interface such as the US-16x08.

To Change the Power Management settings in Windows:

  • Open the Control Panel.
    • In Windows 8 this is under “Settings” in the right pane of the desktop
    • In Windows 7 and earlier this is in your Start menu
  • Open the Power Options control panel by double-clicking it
  • Click “Show Additional Plans”
  • Click on “High Performance” in the Power Options 

Windows Power Options

I want to listen to the direct sound through my interface, but turning the "Monitor Balance" knob isn't doing anything. 

Open the US-2x2 / US-4x4 Settings Panel and switch "Line Outputs 1-2" to Monitor. If this is set to "Computer 1-2," the Monitor Balance knob won't do anything. 

I am using SONAR and the performance with my TASCAM US-16x08 interface is not very good. How do I fix this? 

First, make sure that your audio interface is set to ASIO mode:

  • Press P to open the Preferences window
  • Select “Devices” from the left column (under Audio in the left column)
  • Uncheck anything in the Input Drivers and Output Drivers lists
  • Click “Playback and Recording” from the left column
  • Set the Driver Mode to ASIO


  • Select “Devices” from the left column again
  • Check all of the US-16x08 inputs and outputs that you want to use


If you still have problems, change the Buffer Size in the US-16x08 control panel:

  • Open the US-16x08 control panel
  • Click the Interface tab
  • Change the Buffer Size to a higher setting

US-16x08 buffer